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This a the seccond release of PhpBase. Although most of it has been unit tested many bugs can come up on this ALPHA VERSION please feedback with new schemes, hooks and bug reports.

PhpBase 0.2 alpha 2006-02-10 Download

Please refer to the Documentation for instruction for integrating PhpBase in your code.

Previous releases

PhpBase 0.1 alpha 2005-12-02

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PhpBase Logo
Squared logo available in this sizes ( 90x90 , 150x150 , 300x300 , 600x600 )

PhpBase Logo
Horizontal logo is available in this sizes ( 180x45 , 300x75 , 600x150 , 1200x300 )

Note: This logos where created by Bermi Ferrer using The Gimp .

Elephants are usually ligated to PHP's image, and like Google logo colors where inspired by Lego bricks, this mascot was inspired by a Lego elephant head . The origin of the PhpBase font and colors seems quite evident.